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June 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Testing the blog

Well, I am not much for blogging, but I figure I would give it a shot.


I went to cow mountaingot REALLY freakin dirty (which was quite fun) and I get home to find a present... Thats right folks, my new demello hybrid kickout sliders came in! 




Thats all for now!

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Why the rear end felt dead on the 60.

Well one of the issues with the 60 has been that the rear of the truck feels like it has dead shocks. 


So I climbed under the 60 yesterday to look for any leaks or other items that might need immediate repair and as I looked back toward the rear shocks I saw some air-lines coming out of them, so I traced them and found the schrader valve which was well hidden and when I pressed on it nadda, nothing, no air. So I pumped a little are in to it and it held thus far no major leaks…


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My journey into the world of the 60 series Land Cruisers

Well as most people that know me know that I've picked up a 85 FJ60 and since it's not a FJ Cruiser I'm going to use the blog feature we have here on to be the primary site I'm using to document my build. While might be a better place since this is a 60 I have almost no personal connections to the folks there except for the folks that are here and there and since I'm not getting rid of the FJC so I'm not abandoning the site. 


The main reason for using…


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2F baseline

Doug and I got to start the baseline on the 2F today by doing the compression testing. Overall not too bad considering it's a 26 year old engine with 230k on it.  


1 -165

2 -160

3 -140

4 -130

5 -165

6 -165


The loss of compression in cylinders 3 &4 seems to be common among the 2F engines. We put a few squirts of oil in and the compression  went up to 170 so it was either rings or valves. Once we put the spark plugs…


Added by opg4759 on June 26, 2011 at 11:10pm — 2 Comments



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