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NorCal FJ Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
NorCal FJs is a non-club based on community, both online and offline. As a result, we have been able to build friendships and a group that is willing to contribute to and promote the sport of responsible off-roading. And we'd like to keep it that way. As a result, we encourage everyone to read and abide by the NorCal FJs Code of Conduct. Sure, it's common sense, but...


  • Respect each other. Members join NorCal FJs to get good information, make new friends and to recreate in Northern California and beyond, not to be called names or be treated poorly. If you find yourself in disagreement with someone, take it offline and talk it over a good beer so that you can understand where each other is coming from in a civilized manner...and, if it comes down to it, agree to disagree.
  • Please respect the knowledge level of all members. We were all newbies at one point, so let's help each other out and promote the sport of responsible off-roading.
  • Please respect the backgrounds, gender and sexual orientation of members and think twice before posting something that may offend someone. The great outdoors welcomes everyone and so do we.
  • No one needs to hear you correct them on proper grammar and spelling. Let's talk about FJs and where we wheel them, not the difference between affect and effect.
  • NorCal FJs does not subscribe to, "It's the Internet, get over it." As a strong online and offline community, we do not tolerate insensitivity.


  • NorCal FJs is all about community - contributing knowledge and sharing responsibilities when it comes to offline and online activities. In other words, it is not all about any one individual. If you are deemed to be a liability based on your online or offline behavior or actions, you may be banned from future trail runs or the NorCal FJs website.
  • NorCal Fjs is all about community (2), but that does not mean you should expect everyone to help you out. Again, it's not all about any one individual. Common sense applies: please have basic recovery equipment and/or experience before considering going on a trail run. If you do not have equipment, please consult with the group in advance so that arrangements can be made. Also, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.
  • NorCal FJs is all about community (3), so find a way to contribute your knowledge, skills and passions...or just make new friends and have fun.
  • NorCal FJs make an effort to maintain and respect the outdoors in which we recreate and those who share it with us.
  • NorCal FJs will work with Forest Services and organizations in an effort to promote goodwill and responsible recreating.

Online Guidelines

  • Discussion Forum, Chat & Private Messaging
    • Wanna talk about politics, religion and race? Well, we don’t. We wanna talk about 4x4s, trails, outdoor recreation...and, on occasion, good beer.
    • Promoting a non-FJ or non-off-highway vehicle related business or products is prohibited. Promoting an FJ or off-highway vehicle related business is prohibited unless you are an approved vendor. This includes photos or links that blatantly advertise a business (e.g. photos of a decal or sign only, etc.)
    • Please refrain from off-topic discussion. Such discussion threads are subject to closure and deletion.
    • Please refrain from using profanity on posts.
    • Unsolicited business or service promotions through chat or private messaging is prohibited.
    • Posting or chatting about anything related to illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Online Media (photo, video, news/blog content)
    • Please keep all photos and videos on topic. If it seems off-topic, please provide an explanation as to its relevance to the site.
    • Properly credit photographers/videographers at all times. Photos/videos that are not properly credited will be subject to removal.
    • Properly credit print/online media with link to original story when cutting and pasting from another source.
    • Do not use the site as a photo/video-hosting site. In other words, choose wisely the photos and videos you post. Not everyone needs to see your rig in the same position from more than a couple angles.
    • Please add captions to photos/videos whenever possible. Doing so helps other members identify people, trails and locations in the photo/video.
    • Do not post photos of your truck off-trail or on property you should not be on. If it may seem like you are on private property, then please explain the details in your caption.
    • NorCal FJs has the right to delete any photos or videos that show illegal behavior or do not follow Tread Lightly! principles.
  • Classifieds
    • Selling illegal items is prohibited.
    • Please be courteous when responding to classifieds. If pricing seems off-base, a mere pricing suggestion or PM regarding comparable/competitive pricing is recommended.
    • Merchandise may not use the NorCal FJs logos or mimic the NorCal FJs branding without explicit written permission from the NorCal FJs.
  • Profiles
    • Profile photos should not be offensive in nature.
    • Do not create multiple profiles. The sign in page now has a way to contact administrators if you have lost your credentials. If you are found creating multiple profiles, you will be suspended.
  • Forming other external groups in the name of NorCal FJs and/or not granting NorCal FJs administrative rights to the group without consent from NorCal FJs is prohibited.
  • NorCal FJs has the right to remove any profile, discussion, photo, video. If you want an explanation, we can give you one right now: It was not appropriate for this site.

Offline Guidelines

  • Trail Runs
    • Tread Lightly! rules are in effect on all trail runs. If you are caught going off-trail, littering or not abiding by fire restrictions, you may be banned from all future trail runs.
    • Always drive as slow as possible and as fast as necessary.
    • When attempting to get over an obstacle, please limit your number of tries to three. After that, please do whatever is required (e.g. winch off it, request a strap, etc.) to get off or over it.
    • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Those who do not abide by this rule will be subject to a permanent ban from all future NorCal FJs trail runs and socials as well as the NorCal FJs website.
    • If you have a particular medical condition that may require special attention (e.g. allergic reaction to bee stings, etc.), please be sure to inform the trail leader in advance and discuss preventative measures as well as treatment if needed.
    • Communications. When on the trails, try to keep irrelevant 1-1 chatter off the radio. Radio communications should be reserved to relay information about the trail. Also, keep your transmission short and concise.
    • Trail run organizers have the right to exclude individuals who are deemed to be a liability from trail runs and events.
    • When camping, keep in mind that a majority of your group and those around you love the outdoors because it provides them with an outlet to get away from traffic, noise and other factors. So please be respectful when playing any amplified device or when talking around the campfire. When on trails, keep your music to yourself.
    • Firearms
      You may NOT discharge a firearm or any other implement capable of taking human life, causing injury, or damaging property:

      * In or within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site, or occupied area,
      * Across or on a Forest Development road or a body of water adjacent thereto,
      * In any manner or place whereby any person or property is exposed to injury or damage as a result of such discharge. (36CFR 261.10d*).
      * Pick up and dispose of shell casings properly.
    • Do not wheel on dirt property just because it is there. Be sure you receive permission from the owner in advance and wheel responsibly so that you will be invited back.
  • Socials
    • NorCal FJs meets up frequently for socials. Everyone is expected to treat each other with respect and to moderate their own behavior.
    • NorCal FJs tries to hold quarterly Install Days where you can learn how to DIY (do it yourself) or seek a helping hand. Please do not just expect someone to install something for you for free -- make it a learning experience and assist. Remember,'s not all about any one individual.
  • All trail runs and socials organized on NorCal FJs must follow the NorCal FJ Code of Conduct.


The NorCal FJs Code of Conduct is subject to change.



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