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Thought I would post up my build as of one year and 6500mi....Where i'm at and where i plan to go. 

So base is 2013 FJC Iceberg Offroad And Convenience With Tow Hitch

 Mods and daily carry so far include Budbuilt Skids & Beefy Sliders, Bilstein 5100's, Metaltech Rear Links, Boztec Diff Skid, 285/70R17 BFG KM2's, 10lb Powertank, Badger 5lb, Mpac Side rack, Van beest shackles, ARB snatch strap, Southeast Overland kinetic rope, Staun's, Fenix TK41, Kenwood TM-V71 Drilled NMO Larsen Antenna, Ellis Knobs, Rotopax gas and water, Upgraded Speakers,Overflowing Tool kit, Adventure medical kits grizzly with some add on's and a pelican 1650 "trunk" which currently houses all recovery gear and tools.

 Plans Include either OME suspension or Kings (Cheap but good or all out lol don't know which way yet but leaning towards OME for my use so far), Total chaos front upper and lower control arms, Reinforced spindles, Replace rear lower link chassis mounts and Expedition One F&R Bumpers with winch. Also either a fridge or Yeti cooler mounted on back seat all hopefully within the next year.

 Happy i waited and the sound advice from people on the forums on waiting on full suspension.Over the last year i have went back and forth multiple times on which way to go "there's so many to choose from" and as it sits constantly surprises me.

Anyhow I love it.

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