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Has anyone had trouble with their power steering pump? 

I looked on some of the other FJ forums and it seems like a common problem that the steering pump groans and it takes a bit more muscle to steer...but it still works.

None of them said how it happened.  Well here's what happened to me.

I was out getting the FJ dirty when I got temporarily stuck in some mud.  I was also across the ruts, not in line with them, so to get out, I engaged the rear differential locker and I had to have the steering wheel all the way over to one of the stops while I revved up in reverse 4 low.   It got me out all right, but half a mile later when I got on pavement again, the steering was groaning and hard to turn.

Apparently the FJ power steering pump can be over-pressurized in this condition.  It blew out a little fluid at the time of the incident, but otherwise didn't leak.

I've got the 2014 Ultimate Edition that I bought new and I like to keep it in good shape, so even though it's drive-able with the pump groaning, I'm not the kind of guy who can live with it that way.

I got the new one from Toyota of Dallas, $300 delivered.

The change-out was easier than I expected.  I could have had it done in one afternoon, but I figured I would get a new serpentine belt as long as I was in there anyway, and it took until the next day to come in, so I finished it the next morning.  It works great now.

I'm just keeping it in mind not to over stress it again.

Just letting my fellow FJers know about it.



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