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Doug and I got to start the baseline on the 2F today by doing the compression testing. Overall not too bad considering it's a 26 year old engine with 230k on it.  


1 -165

2 -160

3 -140

4 -130

5 -165

6 -165


The loss of compression in cylinders 3 &4 seems to be common among the 2F engines. We put a few squirts of oil in and the compression  went up to 170 so it was either rings or valves. Once we put the spark plugs back in and I fired it up we found it was the bottom end so rings it is which isn't a huge deal since it's a little blow by. We did however discover the known exhaust leak as the engine compartment filled with smoke, so thats the next major thing on the todo list. 


Also discovered a broken BVSV valve so that will need to be replaced, it's amazing how a little 2 nipple valve can cost 25 or 75 dollars depending on the temp it opens at. I"m going to replace both just to save the headache. I think I'm also going to start replacing all the vacuum hoses soon just to remove the chance of splitting a old hose since they do get brittle over time.

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Comment by opg4759 on June 27, 2011 at 7:36am
Yeah the hose replacement is going to huge undertaking but worth it in the end since I can't desmog this beast. A drawback of having a rig of this era in the land of CARB. The good thing is I can engine swap anything from 85 and newer so if I go that route in the future I'll be good.
Comment by Boss73 on June 27, 2011 at 5:17am

WOW major work a coming! All the V-hoses ??? WOW, cuz there is only like 5 miles of hoses under there !!! hehehe  I hear ya though, change that old brittle stuff now and not on the trail. 

 I am getting ready for my front end re-build this weekend..MMMMMMM 90 weight and grease..





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