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Why the rear end felt dead on the 60.

Well one of the issues with the 60 has been that the rear of the truck feels like it has dead shocks. 


So I climbed under the 60 yesterday to look for any leaks or other items that might need immediate repair and as I looked back toward the rear shocks I saw some air-lines coming out of them, so I traced them and found the schrader valve which was well hidden and when I pressed on it nadda, nothing, no air. So I pumped a little are in to it and it held thus far no major leaks and low and behold the rear end doesn't feel dead anymore. Which is nice since I don't have to spend money on cheap shocks to hold me over until I do the spring over axle. 


So the moral of this entry, when you buy a new to you old school rig you need to look over every square inch to find the brilliant modification the PO has done.





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