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Today's troubleshooting - Heater Hoses

Now one of the advantages of owning a new rig like the FJC is for a period of time if something breaks it's under warranty and you can just take it to your dealer to have it fixed for free more often that not.


WIth a 26 year old truck well your problems are your problems.


So over the last couple weeks I've worked on the vacuum lines and have fix most of those still have one valve I need to replace. I've gone through te compression testing with Doug and we are running some fuel injector cleaner to see if we can clean some of the carbon out and see if it reseats the rings of the 3 & 4 cylinders and bring the compression up since wet testing shows 170psi so that's good. We still have the exhaust leak and a couple oil leaks to look at. And I figured out I had air shocks.


That being said the 60 is very drivable now compared to what it was when I got it. I am now able to hit my max cruising speed of 65 MPH without the engine starving for fuel and/or air so all is good there. Since I'm trying to run cleaner through the system I've spent a lot of time on the freeways at 3k on the tach to get the engine good and warm. So now we get to where I'm at now. I've noticed a film on the back window and I'll clean it drive and it appears again, so that is a tell-tale sign I'm leaking something. I've noticed my coolant overflow has been empty and I've been putting a bit of distilled water in the radiator to top it off and when I fill the overflow it's emptied after I drive it. My guess is that since I'm putting more pressure into the cooling system by driving it at high RPM it' caused the leak to become apparent.


So yesterday I finally found the leak it's a stupide 4 inch long heater hose that of course is going to be a pain in the ass to replace due to where it's at, however it needs to be done. The bad part of owning a 26 year old truck is you have to wait for parts.


Oh well it is just a step in the process of troubleshooting the issues and getting the engine reliable before I move on to the mods. 



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