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I'm a new join, so here's my shout out...sorry to make it a question.  I've been looking local, but haven't been able to find much in the way of suppliers...particularly for the small quantity I'm looking for. Any suggestions for local suppliers in the central coast area or a cheap online source? All I'm looking for is a 6" section of 4x2 rectangular steel tubing and a 12"x12" sheet of steel plate.

I'm trying to fabricate the mounting brackets for my Dakar light the one pictured below.


2008 TM  "El Jefe"

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Welcome to Step-Cal! Byron is our local welder, he may have an idea.  Send him a PM.  I have used Home Depot for some metal stock in the past.
Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome to the group Chuck! Send me a list and I will see what I can do. B&B has scrap bins but they are pretty pick through. I have a buddy at a local welding shop that should be able to help! 3/16th should be strong enough and if you need it bent then I need to if I can use the shop on the weekend.

Thanks Byron.  Attached is what I'm trying to make and a poor attempt at a drawing.  I'm thinking if I can get about a 6inch section of 4x4 square tubing and around a 10-12 inch square plate, I could cut it all out on my bandsaw and drill press.  Think its doable?

I forgot to mention the thickness.  I'm not sure what gauge, but I think it needs to be close to 1/4 inch to be sturdy enough.




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