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NorCal FJs Band Plan aka Working Frequencies.

This post will be updated as needed. Please send OPG4759 a message if you want to propose any changes to the NorCal FJs Band Plan outlined below.

CB - We have two main channels that we use if both are in use on the trail then a group decision by the trail leader will determine operating frequency
  • Primary Channel 31
  • Secondary Channel 30

FRS/GMRS - We have one primary channel that we run communications on since CTCSS allows us to control who we hear.
  • Primary Channel 7 code 31 Most FRS radios
  • Primary Frequency 462.7125 PL 192.8 GMRS
  • Secondary Channel 6 code 31 most FRS radios
  • Secondary Frequency 462.6875 PL 192.8

HAM VHF 2M - On the trail 2 Meter VHF is the most flexible and VHF has better ground wave propagation then UHF for point to point with a HT. The only thing we need to make sure to do is not operate on a input or output frequencies for repeaters in the band.
  • National Calling Channel - 146.520 not for rig to rig comms
  • Primary - 146.460 no tone
  • Secondary - 146.565 no tone

HAM UHF 70cm/440 - UHF communications tend to be for everyday conversations. The main system that is used is the CARLA repeater system. The current system is 31 linked repeater in the Northern California area. It covers from SF to east of Reno down to  San Luis Obispo (aka Pismo) there are systems that reach into areas like High Sierra and Gold Lake. If you plan on using the CARLA system make sure to read some of the guidelines or ping me(opg4759) for information on it's use. They guys that run it are friends and they welcome the use of the system.

HAM 6 meter - TDB

HAM HF 10/12/20 Meters. This will be on a case by case basis since only a few of us are General or Extra level HAMs. 

APRS - Most of the time if we are running APRS we will stick to the standard 144.39 national frequency. There may be specific events like AllCal for example that we might run a network off the national grid. That will be determined by the HAMs on site and a survey of the APRS network in the local area. 



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