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Yo. Cool idea for his group!

As a kid, I loved walkie talkies but was always disappointed in their performance. Where has ham been all my life?

Passed Technician & General a couple weeks ago. Installed Yaesu 7900 in FJ. Now have Cobra 75 WXST & ham. Set UP.

Would love to nudge more NorCal FJers to ham. Think it's superior and not that hard to pass technician. Takes only 1 or 2 peeps to move a club and 1 or 2 clubs to move a community.

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Yep. A number of us have been trying do do just that for a few years now.

What's been done? You know how many hams we have in NorCal FJs?

FWIW, I did not move to ham b/c of anything I read, saw, heard here.

Curious how you guys have gone a/b it and if you think the current approach is moving the needle?
Not sure of the number of hams. As a guess I would say no more than two dozen. But that is. a Complete guess.i posted a ham cram session a couple weeks ago and no one but my son and myself attended. My 11 year old son passed the tech exam and I upgraded to general.
The needle moves at a snails pace.

I've been pushing people for years to move over, I've been licensed for 20 years now.

The good thing we have going for HAM adoption is that equipment is getting cheaper which for most people in to the 4x4 was the big barrier to entry, why should I have to pay 250+ for a radio and get a license when I can buy a CB for 40 bucks and have money left over for mods. Also HAM had/has a bad rap of being a bunch of old farts talking about their meds. Things are changing and radio prices are coming down where you can get a decent handheld for around 50 bucks.

Make sure you read the band plan post I have up, it is the frequency guide that we use for all NorCal activities.

Oh and what is your callsign?





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