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MOB list is up!!


Get on the list if you are going!

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Surf N' Turf!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

: D

# 59 !


thanks bro for the heads up ! 


This will be the last year Pismo Jim will be running the event....

Anyone doing sand chef?
I might be up for that.. We should talk..
Agree, I will pm you...
We've done it for the last 4 years (missed the first one). We've also won the last two. Trying to 3-peat this year.

# 95!!!! WooHoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#93!!!  Beat you BZ!!!!

Wow it's that time again?


Hopefully I'll be able to go!

Time flies.

I registered after the BOSS, so I'm #60,

# 102. Yay, Can't wait!

From what I hear, this will be the last one?... If so, I have the day off and permission to go....only one thing


I no longer have a 4wd. I am gettin rid of my Blazer and bought a 99 Tahoe 4d 2wd. Great for the family..not so great for offroad/wheeling. Anyone need a co-drinker?




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