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So just the other week my front suspension started to squeak. I have no idea why. Only had the vehicle for a year. I dont beat it up when off road and drive it daily. Im running sway away suspension front and rear but the front is whats making the noise. Anyone know why it would just start squeaking?

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Did you lie under the FJ while someone pushed down on the bumpers? Did you look at the rubber boots? Have you seen grease coming out of any joint?

I tried to bounce it but i cant because its so i need more then just me to make it move. Havent really got to looking at it in depth yet. But i will this weekend.

From my experience once you switch to after market suspension stuff, well.... things start squeaking .. in my case it has almost always been some type of plastic or polyurethane bushing rubbing on metal...  i usually use a lil superlube  or tri-flow  to keep those spots from making noise..  and make sure if you have whatever joints with zerk fittings you my have, greased every so often.. hopefully thats all it is.. :)


Mine squeaks too. I'm running Icons with Camburg UCA's. At first I thought it was the UCA's because they have these big rubber bushings and I was using the wrong grease originally. I took the UCA's apart, cleaned and regreased them correctly, and it all still squeaks. I have a feeling the rubber where the shocks go in and out of the shock assembly is where the squeak is. Maybe check there?

did you try turning up the radio?  Seems to work for me :>)

If it has uniballs then lube them good with a dry lube. I do mine once a month and give everything a shot of grease too. If not they will for sure squeak.




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