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Does anyone know how to program the key fob to unlock all doors with one push? I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I was hoping it would be =0

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It is possible to do. Dealers can do it, I do not know if it can be done otherwise.

Found this on TW awhile back while looking for new fob install instructions. I haven't tried it, but similar steps worked for me programming the the fob.

"The vehicle should meet the following conditions before proceeding; *The key is NOT in the ignition *Driver’s door is OPEN (The others are CLOSED) *Drivers door UNLOCKED
1) INSERT and REMOVE the key from the ignition cylinder, TWICE within 5 seconds
2) CLOSE and OPEN the driver’s door TWICE within 40 seconds
3) INSERT and REMOVE the key into the ignition cylinder
4) CLOSE and OPEN the driver’s door TWICE within 40 seconds
5) INSERT the key in the ignition and CLOSE the driver’s door
6) Turn the ignition switch from LOCK to ON and back to LOCK at approx. 1 sec. Intervals “ 2” times to enter REWRITE MODE
7) REMOVE the key from the ignition (The door locks are cycled LOCK-UNLOCK within 3 seconds TWICE to let you know that you have selected REWRITE MODE)
8) Within 40 seconds press BOTH the LOCK & UNLOCK buttons on the transmitter simultaneously for 1 second (Press and release).
9) Within 3 seconds press and release the LOCK button on the same transmitter (The door locks will cycle ONCE if the transmitter was recognized and TWICE if it was not recognized {if you get two cycles start over}).
10) Within 40 seconds repeat step 8 and 9 with any other transmitters you wish to program
11) One of the following will END the Rewrite mode; *40 seconds elapses *Drivers door is opened *Key inserted into the ignition cylinder *4 transmitters are registered

edit: apparantly in step 9 if you push unlock instead of lock, you can unlock all doors with one button push. "

Like I said, I haven't tried it, but it was just as much as a hassle programming a new fob. Good Luck!
Steps outlined in this link seem easier to understand ...

Woah, thanks!

It never worked. Tried a bunch of times. Thanks anyway =\

Necro post but did you ever get this figured out?If you look in the manual it lists optional settings that can be programmed by the dealer (unless you have access to a toyota or aftermarket scan tool)  and 1 touch unlock is one of them (at least on the 2013's) 

I'll bet "yoda" (Nester) knows how.

you must feeeeel the fob flowing through you

You also must connect to the ECU and feel that flowing through you also to change the settings.

I do, but I have to use my (Toyota) TIS program to alter the customized setting.

I did several FJ's from the last install day event at DWH's place.

Must be nice to have techstream. I would also be interested in using it to get rid of the lock/unlock beep

If your going to set something up sometime soon please let me know. I would like to change mine up as well.




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