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Greetings NorCal!

NorCal FJs is now integrated with Twitter. You can now share your status updates, photos, forum discussions and anything else with a Twitter icon below it.

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cool, this combined with RSS feeds and i'll never miss the action!
lol you sound like a Stretch Armstrong commercial.

"Aw man, his arms can stretch into next week!"
twit, twit, twit
th what? the hell is going on?
Man like I need something else to do while at work !!!!! hehe
It seams to be all about integration in 2010. We are integration everything we can at work. I better check with the wife and see if we need more integration at home - twitter, not to twitter, book, face, web, web app, Iphone app...
Don't forget that Ford is now offering in car tweeting and Twitter integration!
OMG why ??
to give another reason not to buy a Ford? ;)

Thought that it was not legal in this state to text and drive !! LOL
"...Ford Motor Co. announced technology to let computers read their Twitter feeds to them while behind the wheel." Great a new "hands free devise" and just think the little woman can send commands ... I mean ask.. that you pick up female products (or beer) on the way home from the salt mine in real time. This is going to be great!




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