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Hello all,


Bought a brand new 2010 Army Green FJ couple of weeks back.


2010 FJ, 4WD Army Green
All Terrain Package
Convenience Package
Towing Hitch & Wire
50 State Emission
Daytime running light
Security Rs3200 Plus
Alloy Wheels & Spare tire locks
Roof Rack
Rock Rails with step assists
Add on service maint plan for 4yr/45k miles

8yr/125k platinum warranty


Will receive  my Aries Off Road Grille Guard (2059) on Monday, my first mod.


Placed an order " Santa Gift" ;) for PIAA 580 kit (Amazon). Not so confident about installing it all by myself, does anybody know whether I can bring this for After Christmas Install Day/BBQ (January)?


 Looking forward to learn off-roading.


Also where can I get the NorCal FJ window decals?





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You can buy that type of switch ( I think the same switch that comes with SPOD kit) here;


The OEM  switches are nice but pricey, see sample pictures below;





Yes. you can use the OEM 4- pin switch with the PIAA driving  lights  kit

I'll buy the following at Radio Shack;

> Quick Splice Connector with Male Disconnector - tap to the illumination wires (Rear Diff Lock harness)

> 18 Gauge wire (Reg, Black, Green) for extension if needed

> Crimp-on butt connectors for 22-18 gauge wire.

> Flat pin connectors are perfect for 14 to 16-gauge wire - tap to the driver side fuse block for always ON/Switched option.
don't forget a dremel and/or file for the aftermarket switches.
I have a Dremel and files and some wire
Welcome to the group.
Welcome to the group...Great color choice!!
Welcome love the AG..




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