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Okay, finally got them installed today. There was a bit of an issue with the spacer for the sway bar (doesn't fit, fox eng is working on a new spacer. Might be a couple of weeks since they're just now getting a 2012 into engineering there.) Fox Eng told the tech to put the sway bar on without the spacer and if there's any cosmetic damage to the coilover as a result, they'll swap 'em out.

The front is WAY jacked up (at least to me) and my questions are: how much will it settle, how long should I allow them to settle before I try and adjust them (want to adjust them prior to alignment) and does anyone have any "gotcha's" to give me when adjusting them? Haven't done anything like this before so I'm going in blind (aside from what I've read) and don't want to fork things up. Should I just take it in to a shop and let them do it?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Hey all,

Okay. The Fox fronts and rears came in (see old post here) and I've been sitting on them for about a month now. Just the other day, the wife said "When are you going to put them on" so I started thinking about UCA's. I thought I'd throw this out there to get your opinions:

I believe I'm going to need UCA (the fronts state: ucas needed) BUT I won't really be 'lifting' this thing for the foreseeable future. It's our road trip vehicle and I don't see us hardcore crawling or anything like that. Tires will be stock sized Duratracs. So help me out folks! Do I REALLY need Total Chaos upper control arms? =-)


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Check the model # of the fronts.   If I remember correctly the last three numbers are either -158 and -160.  The -158 is OEM 8" travel and don't require UCA's (even though it might say that) and the -160 is the extended 9.75" travel and requires UCA's.   I think you could get by with stock UCA's if you don't crank them down.  Your tires will rub the body mount most likely if you are running 285's.


What are you waiting for?????  Hang those suckers!!!!! You are going to be stoked!!!!!! 

Cowboy...edited the OP. Any thoughts?


They're hung! Did you get to read the edit lol

Oh snap!  I see that now.   How many threads (inch measurement) are you showing above the adjuster?  If it is jacked up in the front,  take some turns off to lower your front end.    I assume you have the stock springs in the back.

Yep. Stock springs in the back. It's settled quite a bit but I'm unsure of how long to drive it to give ample time to settle. I'm not pulling to either side at all so I'm thinking that I'll go a couple more days? Then try and raise it up and lower the front end to fully match the back.

I'd say plan for the future if you have the extra funds. If you ever upgrade your tires you will more than likely need aftermarket UCA's anyway.  Might as well do all the work in one pass.

You say stock is fine, but yet you purchased aftermarket shocks?  Trust me, this is only the beginning of mods to come. Make it easier on yourself for the future.

I think the main reason is to keep your upper ball joint from binding with the available travel of the coilover. When the spindle droops down, that's when it will happen. Besides it handles better with them, but if it doesn't see that point of travel???




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