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Hey guys,

Has anyone ever had an issues with a leaking roof? Specifically the holes where the rack mounts on? I can't tell if that's the issue or it's bad weather stripping... but there is a small leaking coming through where the front and rear doors meet at that bracket that sits on the ceiling. It looks like it's dripping down from where the bracket's plastic covering meetings the weather stripping and then it drips on the floor. It's very small, but it's been pouring lately and I need to get that fixed.

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You will need to back each of the roof rack bolts out and put a little blue RTV on each one and then tighten them down again. I had to do this when I installed my ARB rack since I got a slight leak on the front driver side. Haven't had a issue since I did the blue RTV.

Yeah I did some more digging and found this to be a common, but easily fixable issue.

I'm going to need to wait until summer, when it stops raining, to do this. My front, driver-side bracket is broken and I need to get it replaced, so might as well replace all of them and then do the Blue RTV stuff. Sounds like a good summer project, plus I can drive around a bit with the rack off.

I had the same problem. I found this link and put a silicon seal around the plastic part under where the roof rack bolts into the roof along with some lock tight for good measure.

Yup yup. I already have that post bookmarked for when I fix the roof this summer ;)

Blows you have to take the whole rack off! Especially since I have the full insert! 

I had this problem with the driver side pillar.water was on my driver floor. Got to looking and found out the rack was missing the gaskets around the bolts. Order them off amazon. No more water.




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