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Into the Sierras (El Dorado National Forest: Ice House Road/Silver Fork Road)

Got the itch to head out for a short little run into the Sierras, this was my first run of the year into the Sierras and I was scared that there would still be too much snow out there to really get anywhere nice. My new 3wt fishing rod had just arrived and it had to start getting a workout so a trip was in order.
I drove straight up HWY 50 to Ice House Road and then turned on Peavine Ridge. I’m not giving any more direction from their as I kind of want to keep this place to myself, call it what you will – if you find you will know why!
The route to get there was not difficult but as you will see from some of the video there is a LOT of overgrown brush in the area so you will get some very nice pin stripes if you go too far off road here, the abundance of snow has caused the manzanita to grow like I have never seen before. If it makes some of you feel better it is really just the first round of pin stripes that hurt….after that the only thing that bothers you is the sound of the Manzanita scratching against your paint (similar to nails on a chalk board). It seems like a lot of the trails that I have been on recently are overgrown….maybe it is just a year for some solid pin stripes!

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Entering the trail -

Of course once I got there i had to put on the waders and try out the waters!

Ended catching a total of 5 and three got off the hook, not bad for 2 hours!

A fire caused a lot of damage to this area many years ago - this tree (and others) were planted to help re-forest the area.

Everything is in bloom!

Good thing about silver is you can't see the pinstripes from afar :-)

Leaving -

The next morning I was going to try to make my way to HWY 88 via Silver Fork Road, but much to my dismay the road still had a fair amount of snow on it (Starting at 6100 feet). Now…the snow was passable I have made it through worse with the FJ but I had to play it conservative for a few reason: 1) I was alone, 2)I had never tried snow cross with the trailer and didn’t want to find out exactly how much drag it would cause and 3) I still had another 1000 feet to climb before I would start going downhill again…the snow was only going to get worse.

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Hey man,

That looks like a pretty cool super adventure trip!

Nice fish.

Any recommendations on remote lakes / streams to go fly fishing?

It not remote but almdor out of ione is fishing good this time of year you can float tube. Can be crowed but lots of area to fish and they plant heavy. My other favorite remote lake is out side of Bartle it is Medicain lake you can get in until heavy snow after that it June before you can get back in. Great fly fishing.
Silver creek is one of my favorites but ypu will damage your paint getting there!

So I'm thinking that's a cool little trailer. Who makes it and for how much?

They are made by SoCal Teardrops, thtis particular model is the crawler 459 and it has a off road worthy frame and uber reinforced shell. Prices range with options but thes enclosed trailers are pricier. Check out
Sorry about typos....on a tablet that half works :-)

Ok, pretty pricey...  but I love the look and the minamalist aspect to them.  My wife would kill me if I bought one.  :)

Sweet, thanks!

Dude that is won awesome little trip.  So jealous of those fish you caught.  Was just talking to my buddy the other day about going fishing.  Dig on you trailer too!!!  What is your towing weight for that?




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