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It's been a while since we've had a beer night and I need a beer.....


Anyone up for a beer meet tonight, July 22nd, at Lucky 13 in Alameda.


I am heading up after work so will be there around 6:30 or so.



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We'll be there!  Cheers!

WTF Matt said he's making it, too


I would, but I have the normal reasons why I will not..


Good news is that the 80 will be that much closer to being ready for n3ext weeks trip.



I'll see if I can make it.

: )

One of the Josh's is supposed to be there. Can anyone tell them apart tho?
one's got more hair than the other.

hey I resemble that remark


Is there some sort of regular get together or shop in Alameda that everyone goes to?  My buddy lives in Alameda and says he always sees a ton of FJs out there




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