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As autumn creeps towards winter, the ol' FJ will slowly begin its transition from trail bus to snow shuttle. The crossbars mounted with the gas tank tray will be replaced by the crossbars mounted with the 'board rack and the rear seats will be re-installed to accommodate more passengers for trips up to the slopes.

I'm hoping the FJ sees a lot of snow this year. The past few years, I've been regulated to less than 10 snow days each and that has sucked. As a result, I'm resurrecting an old tradition that has oddly led to good snow years - catching the annual Warren Miller flick. Care to join?

Are we there yet?

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Comment by Boss73 on November 1, 2008 at 3:01pm
Hmm Warren Miller !! Sounds like a blast.

Just be sure to keep me in the loop for trips this season.. I have not been up to the Mtns for three years and I really really want to try get out to the mtns. Also it would be great to get back in some kind of shape

( Ok look I know round is a shape, just not one I want to be anymore!! haha)

So keep me i the loop cuz I if I have the cash to go I would love to head out and rip the Mtns !!




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