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Wow what a summer and fall it has been so far. I mean I started off the summer with a stock FJ that was over loaded with all the crap I bring camping.. To having a 3" lifted , 33ed, budbuilded, machine. That was still over loaded with all the crap I bring camping... Well I guess some things will never change, Man I need a trailer.. But I digress, I was looking at and thinking about what mod I want to do to the FJ next when, BANG! the wife tells me to go look in the bathroom at the test she just took. What ?? I mean we were trying but I was thinking it would take a little longer than a month !! Well it it nevertheless is great news and we are excited.. Now I just have to find a way to feed the new one.. Oh well I guess I will have to put Anthony to work to help out..HEHEHE

Well I guess as life goes on. No matter well you have it planned it out you always have to ready to call a play change at the last minute. So I have now gone from looking to what new mods I want, to thinking about how I can make this house bigger, and that my wife will need a bigger car.

So for now the old mods on the FJ will have to wait cuz I see a lot of diapers in my future


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Comment by Boss73 on October 24, 2008 at 4:51am
You got that right !! All other mods are off the table now ... yep new car seat and more diapers !
Comment by potatomutato on October 23, 2008 at 10:44pm
sounds like this was your summer of love Boss! congrats again. good thing you got most of the major mods out of the way. next mod is another child seat!



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