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What's up everyone! I see there's a lot of planning but no doing going on here lol.

What's up let's start small...lets meet up! In n out or something! River park? Ashlan/99? Next to 4 wheel parts?

What day is good for everyone? Would you guys rather do a weekday evening? Weekend?

Is anyone even down for this? Lol? Let me know! I'd like to meet some fellow FJ owners in the area!

My number is 2608736 - Alecks if anyone wants to contact me.

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I'd be interested in a meet-up. It's always nice to reconnect with what step-cal guys are left and meet the new step-cal people :-) Fridays and weekends normally work best for me, although I'm not looking at a calendar so I'm not sure what I've got going on.
Cool, I'm a photographer so maybe we can get together for a photoshoot or something.
Lets see how many replies we get and we can set it up.
I work near city lights so if anyone wants to meet up at lunch 11:30ish I'm in for that too.

take lots of pictures!

4hour drive for some of us... next 3day weekend I'll get might be Easter but I'll be out of commission starting next weekend due to right foot surgery. Pending work schedule maybe 4th of july weekend at Bald Mt.!

Bryan, I've drivin down to meet up with all you guys before :p

Alecks, where do you work? I drive past there from time to time. And don't be ashamed if you work at city judgement here :D lol

Hahahahahahah! No, I work at Johnstone Supply, you'll see my FJ there.
Gotchya lol I drove past there earlier today but it was after five so there was some sketchy traffic that prevented any sightseeing.

Step~Cal's Spring Fling! check the Event Calendar!  hope you can make it!

I believe I am the newest member #59. I was just on the SoCal site and got a PM  from Bryan about what Step~Cal was/is.... I'm down to meet you guys and gals. Living in CenCal we always seem to be on the edges of the noth and south boundaries and have to associate with one or the other. I went thru the same thing when I had my Chevy.

Welcome to the Family of Pirates! Arr Arr...




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