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What up guys. So it seems like there is some mild interest from a few guys in this group to actually hit some trails rather than just talk about it. Well a homie that I met through here, along with my brother and a couple other friends with rigs started an independent group called the Golden State Drifters. More the merrier, we are a collection of all makes I'm an FJC, Stefan is a Landcruiser, Will is a Rubi, and Brett is a Taco. Our latest run was a 4 day trip out to Death Valley and it was killer. Find us on FB @ and IG golden.state.drifters we have a pretty kick ass logo and are working on getting a following for future events. It's all free. Just let me know if you're interested, we're working on another big trip within the next few months. In the meantime, we spend a lot of weekends camping in the Sierra's. Located in Visalia and Reedley, but welcome to anyone in the area. Oh and what you see below is available in sticker as well if you make our next run and want to join.

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Pretty cool. And Step~Cal did actually have a good group who hit the trails. But the sands of time has taken its toll and most of the founding members have moved on... Literally.. The godfather moved to Colorado, another to Georgia, myself temporarily Montana, .. Others college and family........ If only I were still there :(

or out to sea.. it was a good group, sadly i never got to go to many of there events. im interesterd in this one though.




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