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Same ones seen here:

These normally sell for $500 each new. I have a set that was used for a few months before being taken off of the truck. That truck was only driven on the street and up to tahoe a few times last year. They work great, selling for $400 for the set! Save $600 off new.... I am posting these first here but if I dont have much interest I will put them on the blue room next week.



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Good deal GLWS
Do you have a photo of your rig with those lights ? I wonder, arnt they too big to be mounter on a bumper ?

I never mounted them on my fj but from all the measurements I took, they will fit on a stock FJ bumper. I have a bracket for the factory aux lights that I was going to have to slightly modify to fit the bigger stud from these lights, but as far as clearance goes, it looks tight, but doable. 



Bump... to the blue room!

New guy here. Don't own an FJ, but helping a friend set up his Tacoma, and  I know a good deal when I see one!


Jason, are these still available? Really, really interested.


Thanks! Mark

They are still available. I will email you and give you my ph. number




Thanks Jason. Looking forward to talking to you.


Got the email...will call in a few!



still available
still for sale


My Lightforce 240s they are 9.5 inch monsters and they fit the front of the FJ

Thanks for posting the pic BZ. Sold pending payment at the moment.
22 my last. Other buyer seems to have flaked out on payment. Still for sale!




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