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I'm replacing my current set up so my SPC UCA and ICONs are going up for sale. I've rebuilt the UCAs and painted them a blue color cause I thought I was gonna re install them but went a different route. The ICONs are the extended travel and have at least 50k on them but I've had zero issues with them.
SPC UCA new are $528 I'd like to sell them for $400
The ICONs new are $1200 and I'd like to get $800
Haven't looked around at what the typical price for used stuff is but you can always make me an offer

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Still for sale but dropping the price. $250 for the UCA and $600 for the Coilovers
How's it going, I sent you a friend request with my contact info. I'm definitely interested in your upper control arms, if you didn't get it PM me and I'll resend my contact info.
Man I'm sorry I haven't checked this site in a while. I might have a guy that's gonna be buying them off me. If he backs out though I'll let you know

No problem just let me know.Cash in hand.




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