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Still need to add brake tabs and test them....but been working on these for a while. What do you guys think?

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Lower links. Adjustable 1 1/4" Johnny Joint. 2"x.025" DOM sleeved to 1.5"x.25 DOM to a heavy duty bushing(offset for flex clearance).

looks sweet! If I didn't already have a set of metal-tech's i would definitely be interested! 

Damn I just received my Metal-Tech links in the mail the other day! Those are pretty sweet tho brother

The panhard is made too, just not in the picture...

how much for the uppers?

interested in those uppers as well! 

250$ for uppers 250$ for panhard 325$ for lowers

775$ for the whole kit
All links are in production, group buys can be arranged. 6 for 10% off 12 for 15% off

Looks good.. 




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