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Today a small rock chipped my windshield :( . It is very tiny now and wanted to get it fixed before it spreads. Any advice/recommendation on repair facility?

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I have 3 nice size chips in my windshield and unfortunately due the near vertical face of the windshield, your gonna get more. I am not sure about your area but here in the Sacramento area I would go with a glass company called Safelite Glass. They do good work for a reasonable price.
Safelite is good. I have used the one in Concord three times. No charge with insurance.  There should be one near you.
Reply by Back in Black (FJ4 Tahoe) on January 13, 2011 at 8:04pm

Had mine replaced today at Best Auto Glass in San Jose(903 Commercial St.) for $206 out the door.

How much will it cost for repairing the windshield? I'm sure that its not free for  thru insurance (deductable).
Insurance should pay 100%
checked with my insurance (SF) and they want me to cover the deductable not matter whether it is repair or replace.
I had my windshield repaired. Had two chips and the guy used a vacuum seal technology that sealed the chip so it won't spider out. Had two chips fixed for less than $50. I'll have to get the name for you tomorrow, but its in downtown San Jose.




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