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Hey guys,

A couple of my FJ buddies have asked me this. Mostly in regards to belts, bushing, special tools, etc. 

I would love some great input of what you carry for day to day, vs. trail gear. 

Thank in advance all,


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water, CB radio, blankets, beer, tow straps ( not the ones with silver hooks), hi-lift jack, food, 1st aid kit, flashlights w/extra batteries, maps,

Earthquake survival kit (which is just a survival kit), air compressor, flashlights, CB radio, and a few small tools.

On the trails I bring my tool box, water, some food, shovel, and will be adding a hi-lift soon.

So far I'm hearing that no one carries any extra lube, bushings, serpentine, etc? Just wondering. I really have no idea whether it's necessary, which is why I'm asking.

And I appreciate everyones current input. So here's what I carry so far.

I have a large toolbox strapped to the back of my rear seat which has..

* Small Cig Lighter Pump. Kind of slow, but I can get 35PSI in, so it works.

* 2 Cans of Slime (emergency use only.) It is the sensor safe kind

* ~10 bungee cords

* 3 Long ratchet straps

* Large military first aid kit

* Gorilla Tape

* 3 Large beach towels

* 2 Israeli gas masks... Hey, you never know.. Car isn't that airtight 

* Hammer

* Ratchet set for rims

* Misc tool bag. Pliers, Needle Nose, screwdrivers, etc.

* soda can jack. need to get hi lift nect

* Tall mud boots

* Full head to toe rain gear.

I think thats it..

Hmm  My day to day (although it is not a DD) currently stored in my pelican 1650 case in the back include

Tool kit (sockets,screwdrivers,pliers,wrench,multitool,wire stripper,mallet and electrical and duct tape)

Rain jackets

first aid kit

4 van beest bow shackles

ARB recovery strap and Southeast Overland recovery rope

Fenix TK41 flashlight (up front)

Adding this weekend or next, powertank and halgard and amerex fire exteguishers on Mpac

I will be adding an Xjack (foregoing a hilift), several quarts of oil and coolant, ratchet strap,rubber boots and a small survival kit i will put together and call it done for now. (although now that you mention it i may add belts into the mix easy to carry and cheap)

Understand the Xjack and the Hi-Lift serve different purposes and are not really interchangeable.

The XJack is great for soft ground like sand or playa but miserable on the rocks. I own both and have only once deployed the XJack and it was kind of sketchy, it's not something I would use unless I have to. If you need to deploy it under the rig if anything is hot you need to wait and let it cool or you could find a big whole in the bag.

That being said I only use a Hi-lift when I have to since it wants to kill me every time I use it. However it is more versatile, While slow you can use it as a come-along to move downed debris

Yeah i did allot of reading and back and forth on which to get. The Hilift is nice for it's spreading and winching capability but when it comes to the main job of lifting they seem to both have compromises neither being the best in all terrain or situations. Guess it would be nice to have both in the quiver.

I need to invent the ultimate farm jack that incorporates an airbag,jack and electric winch all in one. It will be really deadly and slightly useful.

Extra lug nut key. Good thread.

Thank you sir. :)

Kinda depends on where you plan to be or may end up even if it's not in your plans. I run with 2 sets of sockets standard depth and deep socket, 2 flashlights, metric nut driver set, screwdrivers,  several different wrenches, torque wrench, mini sledge hammer, small prybar, 2 ton bottle jack (Hi-Lift on trail), some electrical repair items (fuses, wiring and various connectors) gloves (leather ones from Costco that come in a 3 pack and Mechanics) Toilet paper (dude seriously, ALWAYS have a roll in your rig in one of the rear storage areas)  Deep Woods Off,  ARB recovery strap, several shackels, Co2 tank, Clean agent fire extinguisher, lots of water, rain gear, 2 first aid kits (one in the driver's door pocket, the other in the rear door Mpac rack bag set up) multi tool, knife, CB, 2 way radios, some road flares, and on my person, my 1911. The great majority of the tools mentioned ride in a large, soft sided canvase  tool bag. The rest is in my Mpac bags on my rear door interior. On trail I also carry my stock lower links in case I bust one and some hose clamps. I had to use a hose clamp to replace a nut that wasn't torqued correctly on my lower control arm bolt. (my fault) The thing held great for the majority of the Mohave Road.

That's some great info Jim. I appreciate the 'off' items and how you might use them, i.e. hose clamp.

And you reminded me, yes, I have a couple rolls of TP in my box too. LOL

Just a whole lot of beer. It seems to make all my problems go away.




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