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Hello All,

I've seen this thread on other forums, looks like fun...I'll get it started.

I drove my rig to work (first time I've had it out in a few weeks).  Took it in for a wash..

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I like the idea of making your Hi Lift match the truck. I get lots of good comments with mine, that is also painted to match. I also added a new solar battery tender to my air dam, that's my "what did you do to your FJ today" post.


no picture = didn't happen... :>)

I drove to Livermore to look at wineries for the upcoming wedding.... my body was there my mind was off roading tho. also installed cheap leds for rock lights before I pulled the trigger on more expensive pod like ones

Got my new steelies and Toyo Open Country MTs mounted...

Jim, the MadDog plating looks really cool on your rig...I like the baja look you're going for.

Thanks man!

Looking good Jim.

Painted the dash Silver trims with Red Rust-Oleum #7564 Safety Red fast drying high performance enamel.

I had mine washed today due to the weatherman saying were going to be dry for the next 13 plus days and it came out looking like this!

I have had that happen from time to time its always a pain to buff out

Love the purple roof rack...

Went to see Vince and installed the Land Rover Discovery overhead console that I cut/trimmed for him. Dome light was upgraded to LEDs on a circuit board,




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