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Hello All,

I've seen this thread on other forums, looks like fun...I'll get it started.

I drove my rig to work (first time I've had it out in a few weeks).  Took it in for a wash..

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post up pics John. 

60K service today. All good. Tires only have 3K on them so they can wait for rotation and engine oil only has 6K at this point.

I drained and refilled front diff, transfer case and rear diff. I replaced the spark plugs with new Denso plugs, that was easy! I saw some youtube vids on 2007 FJ's which showed removing a lot of stuff but all I had to remove was the plastic top engine cover that just plugs in with no tools. That was easy but needed a couple of long extensions to reach the plugs, was a good excuse to buy new tools. Bought a plug wrench that has a magnetic tip and built-in 10 inch extension. Also bought a new torque wrench. 

Coolant change can be next weekend, the drain pan I ordered is not coming until Monday :).

I also greased the 6 points on the drive-lines. Only trouble I have is with the front u-joint on the rear driveline. I have to change tips to one that is a needle type tip cos I can't get the standard tip in at the angle the driveline sits when on the ground or on jack stands. Easy job though if you put the car on stands and put in neutral so you can rotate the drivelines to get the best angle for the grease nipples.

Drained and replaced coolant today. Nice to have drain petcocks on either side of the block as well as radiator drain. Was another great opportunity to buy new tools. Had to get a 3/8 inch universal for this one. The engine drain on the drivers side needs the universal to get the 10mm socket on it. The passenger side is an easy straight shot. Both require 20 inches of 3/8 extensions. Drained 10 qts and refilled through the radiator the 10 new qts. 

Burped hoses but didn't need to add coolant. Coolant was pretty clean as drained so I didn't flush. I can do that next time at 100K. 

These 1GRFE equiped Toyotas are really pretty easy to work on. I am glad Toyota changed the shim and bucket valve set-up to hydraulic in 2010 because that is a difficult service on the old engines. Gives me more insight into which vehicle year to buy for my son in a year and a half. He wants a Taco 4X4. He really wanted Johns old Black FJ but he has seen Taco's on youtube and is ok with that. Fine with me.

Added the winch mount for my metaltech front tube bumper with a come up 12k lb winch and relocated the maxtrax mount to behind the RTT.

looks great

Well more confirmation that fjer's are the coolest vehicle owners out there.  Scored this Ironman Awning from a fellow Fjer from Danville.  Have been wanting one for quite some time, and finally got one.  Love it and can't wait to get out camping.  So far I've scored a hi-lift, a bumper/winch combo, and now this awning, all at great deals. 


Nice, show us some pics when its operational.

Awesome! Like above throw up some pictures when you can

I did post a picture but it is only a link.  Not sure why I couldn't get it in there as an open picture and not an attachment.

What I did today, spent $232 on an Optima battery. Its color coded to my FJ :)




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