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Hello All,

I've seen this thread on other forums, looks like fun...I'll get it started.

I drove my rig to work (first time I've had it out in a few weeks).  Took it in for a wash..

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Ordered Walker-Evans suspension parts today. Will post pics on install day, probably in a few weeks.

Today wheeled Long Canyon Trail with 4 FJ's and 4 J80's including Daryl, Ghost, Chris,Matt and other names I can't remember. I got my monies worth at the last obstacle, I took 3 attempts to get thru!! :> Really, I was breaking-in my new suspension and tires, they passed the test :>

Just ordered another 24 qts of 0w-20 Kendall GT-1. $88 plus shipping comes to $4.95/qt

In 2012 it was $6.58/qt when oil prices were higher. 25% less is pretty good.

Had to pull off the driver-side tire yesterday. Apparently the dust cap/washer fell off the shock on my Icons and was bouncing around inside the spring. Pretty odd... easy fix though, took about 5 minutes.

Shot another milestone pic.

This past weekend I took off my halo headlights and put the stock ones back on. Looked way too plain so I gave it some angry eyes. >:D Debating whether I should switch back next weekend or not.


and took it in the get a quick oil change and new filters while I was at work 2 weeks ago, Firestone in Campbell decided that an oil cap wasn't that important so I had to go buy a new one. I was in dirt a few days after that oil change, hopefully I don't see any issues. fingers crossed.

// Firestone in Campbell decided that an oil cap wasn't that important so I had to go buy a new one.//

Good reason to do it yourself. At least the grease monkey had put oil in it. Ive heard stories of that part being forgotten but with the cap in place, doesn't take long to find out!!!

I had that happen with my rear diff... took the FJ to Toyota for the big 60k service. The idiot didn't torque the cap down and it fell off on the freeway. Spattered fluids everywhere, but luckily just enough stayed inside that it didn't destroy the rear end. I was so pissed, but they covered everything.

you got lucky they covered it. My 60k is coming up and I will do most and have Nestor do the rest. He is a great help, man, very knowledgeable  and not expensive.

Their coverage and guarantees are pretty much the only reasons why I choose the dealership from time to time. If they mess up, it's their fault, not mine.

Last weekend took the FJ UP to Sonoma to mudrak and finally got a rear locker installed!! I've been looking forward to this purchase since 2012 when I bought it. Didn't know back then the importance of a locker

Sold the Black one.  Drove the green one around town.




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