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Hello All,

I've seen this thread on other forums, looks like fun...I'll get it started.

I drove my rig to work (first time I've had it out in a few weeks).  Took it in for a wash..

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K&N air filter clean/recharge.

Saw that my K&N air filter has 42K on it and the recharge kit recommends 50K of road use for a recharge. OOOpppss, I have a lot of offroad -dusty conditions on mine.

See attached before/after photos, mine was filthy with a leaf on it too! 

So now I am good for another 30K including my offroading.

new gobi stealth rack with 40" led light bar

Looks good. You down for a wrench day? Get Romeo to come out.

i'm down!...

Completed BMC today. Ready for new suspension and larger tires. Didn't see the need to box in this almost 10ga steel, looks plenty strong  to me.

Replaced the bushings on my Camburg ball-joint UCA's. They have been squeaking for some time, so I thought I would do a cleaning, replace old grease with Camburg's "recommended" grease and replace the bushings -- good thing I did, they were starting to get worn (probably had another good year left, but whatever). But the damned thing is still squeaking... thinking it's the Icon shocks possibly.

Sup everyone,

Long time no see.

Finally got to replace all pulleys, belt, and also replaced all my lights with LED's. Picture coming soon.

Steering rack n pinion next, I have the part just do not have time. Wrench day any body?

Call me up

Hmm I do need to replace my window weather stripping and re-seal the roof rack mounts... what dates do you have in mind?

I have to replace my driver side door weather strip also.

I am currently looking at July 30th or 31st.

Damn I'll be at a wedding that weekend, can't make it.




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