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Hello All,

I've seen this thread on other forums, looks like fun...I'll get it started.

I drove my rig to work (first time I've had it out in a few weeks).  Took it in for a wash..

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finished up mounting my shackle mounts and LED lightbar  bright as hell!


5150 Cruiser,

Nice!!!  LEDs are definitely on my list but I've first got to get some protection and self recovery solutions...

How do you like your Warn Bumper?  If you were to get another bumper today, would you get the Warn again?  I'm seriously thinking about getting the Warn PowerPlant and it seems that the Warn bumper is one of the few bumpers that the PowerPlant will fit in without modification.  Are there good hi-jack lift points on it?




I really like the warn bumper. It wasn't my first choice, but i got a scream'in deal on front and rear Warn  bumpers that i just couldn't pass up so i went for it. The only thing i didn't like was that is didn't come with shackle mounts. But as you can see, i fixed that problem. 

 If i had to get another bumper today and price wasn't an option, i'd probably go with the Road Armour with bull bar. This was originally my first choice in bumpers but as I stated before I got a great deal. Am i unhappy with it? absolutely not. Its a great bumper. Very stout and fits the contour of the FJ very well. There are two points on the outer edge that allow for highlift jacking points. I also like the fact that the winch area in front is open. This made it alot easier to mount other accessories and run wires. So to run things down for you...

Warn winch bumber pros..

-Good fit

-VERY well built. 

-Open winch area- Doesn't require the removal of the bumper to remove or install winch.-As a result, will acomodate nearly any winch on the market

-Mounting brackets for lights


-very heavy

-No shackle mounts

-Wish there was more mounting space for lights. I had to get creative when mounting my LED lightbar. not a big deal (actually, it was quite fun figuring out how to mount it as well as making custome brackets. But thats just me ;) )

-The secure mounting and weight makes this a real pain in the ass to mount or remove. make sure to set aside at least half a day and one to two helpers when installing.

Would I buy another? Absolutely. Its a great product and  have absolutely no regrets. I just wish i Line-X'ed them before i installed. The shackle mounts while a pain in the ass to drill, wouldn't be a deal breaker if i had to do it again. 

Over all I recommend it and am sure you'll be happy if you decide to it. 

5150, thanks for the update! I ordered one today along with the Warn PowerPack winch. I would like to add a couple of shackles like you did... Any advice?

Measure twice, drill once! Haha. Oh, and use a corded heavy duty drill. went through about 3 batteries on my 12V dewalt drill. Also, when drilling I'd make sure to have the bottom two bolts on the shackle go through the winch mounting plate. That's why mine are set in a little and not mounted all the way to the sides. I wanted to make sure that they were attached to the same mounting plate that the winch is secured to. 

Also keep in mind that with the PowerPack winch, you'll have to remove the upper light mounting brackets to make room for it. Just a heads up. 

Thanks 5150!  Since the HUGE PowerPlant removes the ability to use the intended lighting brackets, do you have any recommendations for lighting on the bumper?

BTW, do you have any idea what the bumper actually weighs?  I've seen number ranging from 100LBS to over 200LBS.

Thanks again!


 Don't have an actuall wieght, but judging by when we installed it, and concidering my 3" lift is now a 1.5' with the bumper weighting it down, i'd estimate with winch its at least 150 to 175 pounds. probabaly around 150. (with winch) 

 As for lights, your going to have to get a bit creative. There are two slot on the bottom of the bumper, but you'll need some slim lights. other wise your looking at either making brackets to custom mount lights, or use some smaller LED lights like the rigid duelly's. 



Finally installed my new Camburg UCA's! They stock ones were an absolute nightmare to remove though.

Word of advice, get new balljoints and just rip off the old ones. Makes removing them less of a hassle since you don't have to worry about damaging them. I literally sliced them at the joint and used a ball joint press to get them out. But only after trying 5 hours of drilling them out like a dummy.

Still need to create a cap to cover the top of the joint and zerk fitting.

Today I had the seat-belt recall performed. Found out there are 3 recalls on FJ's, got this one done, the other 2 dont relate to me but they are; 1) bumper mounted aux lights 2) TRD high-performance brakes, clearance for brake-line recall.

The seat-belt recall relates to all model years from 2007 to 2013, call your dealer if you didnt get the Toyota notice.

Steve Hope

Aux lights is to put lower watt bulbs in.  You might want to avoid that one....




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