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Hello All,

I've seen this thread on other forums, looks like fun...I'll get it started.

I drove my rig to work (first time I've had it out in a few weeks).  Took it in for a wash..

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Drove mine to work, and started on a mount for my co2 system...

I consolidate/organized all of my relays for the roof, driving & fog lights in one location.

I used a Hella 4-way relay box and Hella 12V/30A SPST relays. Mounted the relay box into a 2"x4"x6" project box from Radio Shack.

How do you like that Cb Mount there on the hinge?? I keep getting mixed reviews.. 

I had the same set up. I think the mixed reviews involve a similar product but made by another company. Most on here run the one John is running, which is the Boztec CB mount. I had it for over two years and never had a problem, nor have I heard any complaints. Just make sure you properly sand down the hinge to get a good ground.

Did you run it with a 3 or 4ft antenna? 

3 on mine, no problems at all.

I have a 3 on mine and it works great!

4 ft firestik

5 ft no prob

I had the Captains chair re-stuffed because the bottom section was toast.  It is now back to pure comfort for the long haul!


Boztec / 3 foot firestick!


No new pics, but I did order from walcottcb, my Boztec mount, and all the goodies to run to my cb. Inc the 3 foot ant. today.

Steve Hope.

Today I installed my Firestick cb goodies on a boztec hinge mount and installed my passenger side quick-fist grabbers on work-made brackets on roof rack.

Re-painting my Hi-lift to match vehicle color.

Steve Hope.




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