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Greetings NorCal!

Welcome to 2012!


2011 was quite a year for NorCal FJs. Our membership increased by 170+ members and the number of trail runs and socials continued to grow. Most significant of all, many members began to adopt social media as a whole with the number of Facebook shares of NorCal FJ content, Twitter retweets, and new blog entries increasing exponentially. We have also welcomed some great new Trail Reports from various members, including those of Estysalinas. Keep the great content coming and keep on sharing it!


The NorCal FJ Twitter (@norcalfj) handle showed a steady increase in followers and help spread the news of serious issues that affect our recreational sport directly.


NorCal FJs also hosted group buys for FJ Freedom Windows and BozTec rear diff skids as well as a series of first aid courses and Tread Lightly! workshops.


And if that's not enough, NorCal FJs achieved a major milestone in adopting its first trail, Long Canyon. Headed by DWH, NorCal FJs is now responsible for the upkeep and general maintenance of the trail. Our next big project is designing and building a trail kiosk. We are always looking for active volunteers willing to contribute at least once a year -- NorCal FJs will visit the trail a minimum of four times a year.


So much happened throughout the year, but the development of the enhanced mobile app stalled. As mentioned in last year's discussion, Welcome to NorCal FJs 2011!, there were plans to introduce a more dynamic and user friendly mobile app. Plans stalled when network operators announced that they were working on a new version of NorCal FJs Mobile. The new version is still on the roadmap and has been delayed due to a recent acquisition of the network operator, but rest assured, if the new version is not introduced by the end of summer, NorCal FJs will move forward with plans to develop a better mobile experience. Stay tuned!

So, what can we expect from NorCal FJs in 2012 besides the new mobile experience? Look for more NorCal FJ Chat Nights in an enhanced new chat format, which will be introduced in the coming weeks. Also, new group trail runs, more socials (including new Meet & Eats held at local dining establishments -- thanks to SoCal for this idea), and new designs in the NorCal FJ Shop. Who knows, there may be some other surprises in store as well!

We look forward to enjoying 2012 with you. Remember, tread lightly and maintain the highest standard of online decorum. And most of all, get involved!

NorCal FJs

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Sign me up !

Good News and Happy New Years to all Ya NorCal FJs!!!




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