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I see we have some new members and I would like to welcome them all . I do not do facebook, however, maybe we can meet up the hill on a snow run or later on a Long Canyon Trail run in the summer. If you post up events on facebook, please add here so my son and I can join in. Thanks. Happy Holidays all.

ps pretty soon my son Conor will have his own truck and be joining us doing his own driving >)

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Sounds like a plan, Steve.

Still looking for gravel roads in Sonoma County to practice on.

Mark D.

Thanks - I am new here and looking for Sacramento Connection to assist in renovation of my 1974 FJ

Hey Steve,  I hope all is well with you and Conor, Do you know if the Long Canyon trail is open during the snow season?    I'd like to snow wheel the trail when I get my FJ back next month.  Thanks, John




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