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I see we have some new members and I would like to welcome them all . I do not do facebook, however, maybe we can meet up the hill on a snow run or later on a Long Canyon Trail run in the summer. If you post up events on facebook, please add here so my son and I can join in. Thanks. Happy Holidays all.

ps pretty soon my son Conor will have his own truck and be joining us doing his own driving >)

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Sounds like a plan, Steve.

Still looking for gravel roads in Sonoma County to practice on.

Mark D.

Thanks - I am new here and looking for Sacramento Connection to assist in renovation of my 1974 FJ

Hey Steve,  I hope all is well with you and Conor, Do you know if the Long Canyon trail is open during the snow season?    I'd like to snow wheel the trail when I get my FJ back next month.  Thanks, John

There is a gate that the Forest Service lock for most of the winter. That gate is at the Silver Fork Road entrance, Kyburz. I bet they have another gate at the other end too. That other end comes in from Mormon Emmigrant trail and heads up via Caples Creek and Silver Fork campsites (11N40, Silver Fork Road.) I bet that is closed until well into summer.

I think the only other way into that area is via Strawberry Canyon but it is further up Hwy 50 and also will be gated by the Forest Service.

When that area is open it is a nice drive from the "lunch area" at Long Canyon turn North and take "Packsaddle Pass" to either Cody meadows or Strawberry Canyon. Drove this area with Daryll in maybe 2014/2015, good trails.

Good to hear from you Dave. Lets hook up for some trails later this year. Looking forward to seeing your latest rig.

Happy Holidays Steve et all. I've been absent for a while, but am down for runs and get togethers when possible. 




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