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I would like to get an All Pro Air Dam if anyone has one they would like to sell.


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I have the All-Pro four hole Air damn,...I have an extra 4 hole face plate but I do not have an extra mounting bar.

Hey Back in Black do you still have the Airdam?  Chance Hokanson says he thinks he can fabricate a light bar that will work with it just needs to get it from you.  Let me know how to pay you and will you be able to get it/ship it to Chance?

Hal Kessler

I live out in the Lincoln area, if Chance wants t come by and measure my light bar...he may be able to copy the specs and reproduce the bar.  As for the air damn it self...$50 and it yours if you pick it up.

Let me know,


John let me know how to pay you and Chance said he was willing to pick it up.



Do you have a paypal account?  I could mail you a check and wait for it to clear, I could see if Chance has paypal account and send him the money and in turn he could pay you.  Just let me know.



Not sure what I would do without the light bar?  Let me check with All Pro and see if they might have an old light bar lying around.


John unfortunately I live in Oklahoma City so I won't be able to come by and pick it up.  If Chance can't come by would you be willing to ship to him, I would pay all cost associated with it.  Do you have a paypal account, check, money order, etc....?

I can always pick it up from Lincoln as well to save some shipping fees!


Just let me know what I need to do next/method of payment.

Thank You,

Hal Kessler

Once you pay John for the part I'll pick it up and start building the light bar.




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