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Hey all just wanted to share my drawer box built came out really nice,i needed more storage for recovery stuff , some security lock for the .45 wen going hunting or storing maps and tools

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Here some more picts

Nice work.

Nice.  It's a project I've been tempted to do for a long time, and just never made the time to do it. 

Nice work.  Looks great

Well done!   Don't have the tools or talent so am trying the security drawer from tuffy security products for the FJ.   Your custom fit and three drawer approach is better than the single drawer option from tuffy.   

great job on box. you would not have the blueprints for that?

then install a pull out fridge etc. looks like a nice project. you ever watch the Aussie 4 wheelers on youtube? 

1) 4WD 24-7

2) Ronny Dahl

Best 4 wheelers on youtube, enjoy.

Nice job on the box. I made one also but I haven't finished. 




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