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Ok First off, Nor Cal people rock!!!

I now have a rear bumper, the FJ Jammer and a set of 285/?/17'...s picking up the front from Jr Voung in the morning.  BZ is going to help me return to stock at BOZTEC.  Again, thank you all!!!!

I will have many aftermarket parts for sale shortly (if they do not fit on my new 2011 Green FJ).  NorCal people have first dibbs.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Origanal Post~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok Guys, the State Farm guys made me a deal I can not turn down.  I can keep all my aftermarket parts if I return the FJ to Stock and they are going to cash me out...I will be able to buy a new FJ!!!

Here's what I need so hit me with prices!

FJ Jammer Deck
Front bumper
Rear bumper and rear bumper side panels (the plastic pieces)

Need these parts either today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your help John

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I have the stock steel part of the bumper. I don't have the plastic covering. Free if you want it. I just saw that you have a bumper.
Hey Mike, thanks for the offer but I have the entire assembly. Sorry to here about your similar issue. What are you doing to get it fixed? Looks like I might be without an FJ for a few months. But I do see one in my near future.

I want to thank everyone that help me out in my time of need!
A special thanks to the four people listed below for going above and beyond to help me out.

Thanks guys!!!!!!!

BZ (Brandan)
John Bozly
JR Voung
If you 4 guys can make the Beer Night in Petaluma the first round is on me ! Oh and I'll buy one for you John, you need a nice cold one after all of this crap. LOL
We've got a great group of guys here, dont we, John? See ya tonight!
I knew that you people were cool...but to jump at the chance to help others time and time again..that's just bad@$$. I'll be there 2nite.
what do you mean, you people? haha
I'll be turning my FJC into a class 3 race truck, so I'm going with fiberglass fenders and fiberglass hood. I'l be tubing the front end. Here's a couple of pics. The inner fender well is the right side (left looks the same), and the other is the top of the left outer fender.

Curious were you able to get everything swapped and working in the one day?
Hey Lance, Yeah man we removed almost everything that was aftermarket. Today I replaced the 35" tire with some 285's and tomorrow Bestbuy is ripping the stereo out...Deck, Amps and 12 speakers/ replacing it all with the stock stereo. After that the only thing custom is the RC 6" lift and the Helo Rims. I think the suspension and rims may have been damaged with the impact.
yup going backwards is usually easier than building one up
Hey John, sorry to hear about this man.. but on the bright side, who wouldn't love to start over on a build. I don't know if you have begun to look for another vehicle yet, but if you have... there is a Black FJ near my apt. Black w/ white top, Intense Fab bumper, Vision X lights... don't know much more but if you like i can stop by and get details.. just let me know. -Hector




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