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Ok First off, Nor Cal people rock!!!

I now have a rear bumper, the FJ Jammer and a set of 285/?/17'...s picking up the front from Jr Voung in the morning.  BZ is going to help me return to stock at BOZTEC.  Again, thank you all!!!!

I will have many aftermarket parts for sale shortly (if they do not fit on my new 2011 Green FJ).  NorCal people have first dibbs.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Origanal Post~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok Guys, the State Farm guys made me a deal I can not turn down.  I can keep all my aftermarket parts if I return the FJ to Stock and they are going to cash me out...I will be able to buy a new FJ!!!

Here's what I need so hit me with prices!

FJ Jammer Deck
Front bumper
Rear bumper and rear bumper side panels (the plastic pieces)

Need these parts either today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your help John

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Ok, I now have a front bumper and rims/tires...Thanks Vuong! Still need the Jammer and a rear bumper.
This is good news.. DO you need any help with the swap out??
I do, but only have tomorrow to do so. BZ and I are trying to get hold of Bozly to see if we can rip the FJ apart at his shop tomorrow. I took tomorrow off to take care of everything...if you are free tomorrow I would appreciate the support.

Man If I did not have the baby tomorrow I would but I got lots going on.. Good luck and you have good help there with BZ
I dont have the fjammer but i do have the toyota deck. Its been seating outside not sure if it will work.. its a toyota deck thete not going check..
Hey CB4, Thanks for the offer do you have a picture? Not sure if it will fit in the area the FJ Jammer fits in
the Insurance guy said as long as it is stock they will take it. So if it fits and it works...I can use it. Do you have a price in mind?
Unfortunately I dont have these items but I am glad you got a deal that will allow you to get a new FJ!
Great, hope you can get it to work out. Unfortunately I do not have any of these parts. I think Robbie replaced his fjammer,recently not sure if he sold it yet you might try him.
Hi J,

I have the FJammer radio.
I'm buying State Farm Insurance!
Hey sorry just saw ur message, but it looks like you got everything you needed! Good luck with the downgrade tomorrow
I have work tomorrow. I'll call BZ after to see what you guys are doing tomorrow




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