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URGENT!!! Little Sluice to be Permanently Altered This Friday

This is a repost from Pirate 4X4.

I have not checked it out but seems legit.

Hey everyone, the famous Little Sluice on the Rubicon trail is set to be majorly altered this Friday. They are planning of flying in tons and tons of fill rock and cracking up to 13 boulders in this small 100' section of the Rubicon trail.

We are trying to stop this from happening and can use all the help we can get.

Here is part one of the plan.....

Email El Dorado County and ask them to halt all alterations of the world famous little sluice.

Send El Dorado County Supervisor Jack Sweeney and his fellow Supervisors an email and CC it to the other contacts below. It is important that this be made known to as many people as possible, they need to be pressured into stopping this!

Email to:
El Dorado County Board of Supervisors 



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But why are they doing this? Seems like they'd be opening the trail to a whole lot of yahoos that would normally be kept out.

I believe the reason is that they think by making the trail easier, those that are freaked out by the obstacle will be less likely to blaze a new trail to get around it and just go through it. Thereby being more environmentally friendly. 

But there already is a bypass and it is as easy as pie...just granite slabs.

Email sent.

I don't know what agenda the supervisor that ordered this could possibly have. When they destroyed the gate keeper they explained it as minimizing erosion from spinning tires to get around the obstacle. With Little Sluice there is a clear bypass which makes this difficult obstacle optional and destroying it even more inexplicable. 

Maybe they want to close the bypass.

The bypass (main trail) is big sluice, which is doable but not exactly a cakewalk for FJ's.

33's, so-so ground clearance, and limited flex, make big sluice enough of a challenge. little sluice is a buggy trail. On the other hand, it gave the trailered monsters a tougher path, and let us little guys work the "easier" rout.

Prolly way too late to stop these "improvements".




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