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I have a completely brand new still sealed in its unopened box Tuffy Lock Box for our FJ's center console. I'm selling it for $200. I now live in the Huntington Beach / Garden Grove area. If you happen to be coming around we can always meet up.

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I have this consol and can honestly say it's solid, the pad on top is a super armrest even for the driver sometimes and I love mine! Oh yeah, it's really secure too. Lol.

yeah my good friend ordered it the day before i did and he decided not to keep it and give it to me. That's why i'm selling my still unopened package with a flat price of $200! :)


Hmm I go down to garden grove a lot my buddy lives right on beach blvd. if you still have this the next time I make it down, I'll pick it up.

sure thing, give me a ring next time. PM me your cell #

wish I lived close!




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