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Anyone got this? If so, how do you like it? Also, how deep down does the storage go? And is there anything else available which will work great as a lock box?


In this photo we are able to see the top section:





In this photo we see the entire part which basically is huge, so i'm wondering if the storage space runs all the way down? If not, it looks like sacrificing some storage space.




Thanks for any feedback. :)





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I have one and overall it is better than the stock storage. There are a couple of drawback though.
Yes the storage depth does extend all the way down, but you end up with stuff stacked on top of each other and end up digging for stuff on the bottom.
Also depending on the position of your seat, the arm rest can hit the edge of the pencil tray and the fabric can be cut by it. It also limits how far you lean the seat back.

That is my $0.02.

We have one, and despite a few minor gripes (loosing the passenger are rest), it has been fantastic to be able to lock something up in the truck.

Its a great place to put your lug keys, knife, flashlight, spot, etc. and know that they will be there when you get back.


I have one too, and it's much better than having an open console where there isn't much room to begin with.  I think the arm rest is much more comfortable than the standard one, however, it is placed a bit farther back so it's not as ideally placed for the passenger.  It still work however.  


One gripe I have with mine, is that I wish it came lined with some kind of padding, or felt liner.  If you have anything metal placed in there, it will be clanking around a lot.  But that's not too hard a fix for us.


But it is great having a place to lock things away.


There is a roll top cover that you can get through a group buy on the blue room, but it sits flush with the console, not allowing more space to be used.  Although it allows the use of the passenger arm rest, I'd still choose the tuffy any day.

Awesome! Thanks a lot guys! All my questions were answered.




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