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Tread Lightly! Tread Trainer Course and Awareness Workshop

Bossquatch (Boss73) and i are planning a series of Tread Lightly!® courses and workshops for NorCal FJs and friends and would like to know how many of you are interested in attending. as Tread Lightly! Master Tread Trainers™, we'll train you to become official Tread Lightly! Tread Trainers as well as conduct awareness workshops for those who wish to learn about Tread Lightly! principles, but not become a Tread Trainer. at this time, no dates are set although the first course (depending on demand and preference) will take place within the next 2-3 months.

for those of you who have kids, participate in a variety of events, or recreate with groups, becoming a Tread Trainer may be the most rewarding. certification provides you with the required knowledge to educate other groups of outdoor enthusiasts as well as Tread Lightly! perks that will serve as educational tools for your future workshops.

for those of you who like to recreate in the outdoors and want to know how you can minimize your impact as well as practice Tread Lightly! ethics and principles, the Tread Lightly! Awareness Workshop may be suitable for you.

please respond with your course preference. you may choose to attend both courses. your response is not binding, nor does it guarantee you a spot. registration fees may apply at the time of registration.

Tread Trainer Course Description
Tread Lightly!’s Tread Trainer course is an 8-hour course designed to provide a “crash course” on outdoor ethics focusing on outdoor recreation and minimizing impact. Participation in the course qualifies individuals to present the Tread Lightly! message to others in their state or region. Participants will work on understanding the role outdoor ethics play in the recreation community, learn the Tread Lightly! principles of responsible recreation, and be provided with the tools to conduct workshops and coordinate community outreach.

The Tread Trainer course is designed to help volunteers promote the message of responsible recreation where lands and waters are protected, safety is a top priority, and the experience of being outdoors is shared.

Interested: (2)
* Julie

Tread Lightly! Awareness Workshop
This Awareness Workshop is a 3-hour course that will provide attendees with an introduction to Tread Lightly! principles and how to apply them while recreating in the great outdoors. The workshop will provide you with situational awareness, the know-how on minimizing your impact while recreating and the outdoor ethic that will help sustain our trails for generations to come.

Interested: (20)
* Sonof40
* DivnGirl
* caddo
* caddo's guest
* FJ4 Tahoe
* Julie
* PBn'FJ
* MoreFJland
* Renfro
* daPitbull
* Munkay
* WTFMatt
* Mrs Bozly
* bulldog
* gringo
* downy ball
* Engine Jen
* Robbie
* NekGuda
* CentralCalFJ

for more information about Tread Lightly!

remember, If You Abuse It, WE Lose It!

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I'm interested in the 3 hour workshop as a start.
I ditto Sonof40.
Interested in 3 hour course too
interested in the Tread Trainer
I'm interested in the workshop.. if you need head count that'll be two..
I'm Interested as well
Sign me up for the workshop
I'm interested in the 3 hour course as well. Work permitting.
bump! thought we'd have more interest in these courses. remember, Tread Lightly! not only applies to motorized and mechanized vehicles, but to anyone who recreates in the outdoors whether it is camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.
I in for a 3hour course.
I would be interested in the 3-hour course - just depends on when it takes place. It would give me an excuse to visit y'all up there!
I'm interested in the 3 hour course.




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