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With the pending adoption of the Long Canyon Trail, I thought I would revive this old thread. PotatoMutato may start a thread that replaces this one, but at least we can start thinking about what we will need.


Previous Post:

PotatoMutato has asked me to come up with a list of equipment to be used for future trail cleanup and clearing efforts. I have a list started (see below). Except for a few items, most of what I have so far is stuff we normally carry anyway.


Post any other ideas you may have.



Chainsaw (gas, oil, extra chain, etc)



Sharpening equipment

Handsaw (Pruning type)

Winch and snatchblock to move larger logs



Prybars (large) to shift precarious rocks into stable positions

Trash bags

First Aid Kit



Personal Stuff to Bring



Safety Gear



  Long Pants

  Long Shirt

  Safety Glasses


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Probably not, as much as possible we need to leave nature be and just clear the trail of debris that has fallen.
i might also add loppers, and or pruners and a good garden hand saw.

Handsaw added to the list. We likely will not be cutting the really small stuff enough to need pruners.
Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.
safety glasses.

I'd also recommend folks wear long pants and long sleeved shirts, especially those working around chainsaws.

And an FJ with a winch! :-)
Possibly tarps? Never know...
Bump. See revised original post.
good stuff! the Payette National Forest in Idaho has a few ideas for safety and equipment as well. please see the attached .pdf.




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