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Hello everyone,  I have a 2010 FJ and have the dreaded squeaks.  I have a URD kit ready for someone to install it, however I am looking for a recommendation. Truck has 60K on it.  Kit is the URD FixU Hydro conversion with new clutch and flywheel.  I live in Penn Valley.  Local guy is wishy washy about wanting to do it.

Anyways any thoughts would be appreciated.  I haven't really considered doing it myself.  Just not something I like to work on.  I don't mind installing bumpers and changing the oil, but I will pay for drivetrain work.

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No shop recommendations?  Do you think anyone could do it, as in not that complicated or I should shop around??

Try a clutch chain like Clutch King.

Did mine not to long ago its as easy as a normal clutch replacement. There is a few videos on you tube that will show you what your re getting into

I had Mr. Transmission in Roseville do it.  It was a great upgrade and I am overall satisfied.  Thanks for the response.



happy to hear you had good results.

no picture= didn't happen.  let's see.




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