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I know that Shaman Rawb had an issue with this with even less miles.  I have heard the noise for a while now but when it got to the point where it was consistent I took it in to have it checked.

I went to Dublin and met with Mike, same as Rawb, and he said between us he agreed with me that it was the TOB.  However, I would have to agree to a tear down to confirm.  If it was, the Toyota would pay, if not then I have to.  I took it back in yesterday for the work and Mike was not there so Louis took the Turtle into the back.

He said they would run the diagnostics and call TSA and let me know. They approved a rental car for two days.  Today is day two and I didn't hear anything yesterday.  I am going to call this morning if I don't hear anything.

I'll post an update but this makes me very unhappy and seriously considering trading it in for something else.  

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This is one of my concerns with the FJ... however I'm at a little over 30k and no sign yet. 


I have to agree with Daryll , what is TOB? I am at 33k with no issues.


Throw Out Bearing. Replacing entire clutch system.

So they're doing it under warranty?

That whole "we'll have to open it up to diagnose it, and you get to pay if it turns out to be a non-warranty issue" thing stinks :(

I would think since it is under warranty that I wouldn't have to approve the tear down when they know what the issue is but I guess it could have been a part not covered?

So I dropped it off Tuesday and didn't get a call back.  On Wednesday Mike called to say the technician who was supposed to work on it was off so it sat there for a day.  However, I was right, it was the throw out bearing so that was covered as was the labor.  However, I have approved the replacement/resurfacing of pressure plate (clutch assembly parts) since it was torn down and I didn't want to have to pay for labor later.  I am sure I could have waited but then I'd just be more angry if I had to take it back in.  So this is going to cost me $600. Not too pleased but happy i'll be getting it back today.

Does this only apply to Manual Transmission?

Yes. Automatic transmissions have a torque converter instead of a clutch. It can still go bad, but that'd be a different problem ;)

I was so close to buying a manual transmission fj...But they are harder to find...Only seen 1 when I was looking but it was sold already...Maybe I'll extend my warranty on my FJ to 100k miles just incase..They said I could add it later as long as I'm still under warranty..

LT the TOB should not have gone bad so soon. I have 75k warranty. I was told I should be happy it went out while still under warranty.

Not sure how I feel about this. I'm guessing average clutch life is 50-75k depending on the driver. TOB should last as long as the clutch unless it got exposed to something it shouldn't have. If they tear the thing apart and your clutch is near death I think should should be considered a consumable item and not warranted.  

As much as I love manuals I skipped on it on the FJ because I didn't like the all-time AWD idea.

So here is the official noted: 'customer states when car is running and clutch is not engaged they hear a loud whining noise. Confirmed customer complaint of whining noise when the clutch pedal is not depressed. The clutch release bearing is rubbing against the clutch cover and making noise. The clutch release bearing was dry and not sliding on the sleeve hub causing the bearing to run on the clutch cover. Removed trans assembly, removed release bearing and clutch release fork. Cleaned release fork support and hub sleeve. Installed new release bearing and reinstalled trans assembly.' So I don't think it is my driving or anything I might have driven through. I've never plowed through mud or puddles. Yes I've driven in snow.




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