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Thinking of getting the ARB front and back bumper with a Warn M8000 winch - good choice?

Hi, I'm not completely new to the forum but have only posted once or twice and reading occasionally. But I'd appreciate a bit of feedback on the ARB setup for my FJ. 

I have a stock 2012 SE TT and I'm finally ready to start modifying it a bit. I've only lightly taken it off road but might go out this Spring around Truckee. I'm near SJ and 4-wheel parts gave me a quote to install the ARB front bumper with an integrated Warn M8000. I might also add the ARB rear bumper at the same time to match. They look pretty bullet proof and Joe there said you can't go wrong them. 

The good news is that bumper would cover the windshield wiper reservoir and like I said it would be pretty bullet proof. 

The bad news is there's no tow hooks so I wouldn't have it setup to tow with a tow bar if I wanted to. But I'm not sure I really need to tow it and there's other towing options if really needed. Maybe I can attach some tow points to the bars? 

I've seen a few posts about ARB bumpers to they're not uncommon and I'm just trying to get an idea if there's other better options or is this a good way to go?

Also, I haven't seen many photos of the ARB bumpers installed in powder black. The web site I see shows the darn thing in silver and that doesn't give me a good idea of what it will look like. My 2012 is all red and black so I think the black bumpers will look pretty darn cool. 

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check out my page I have both ARB bumpers in black and a Smittybilt 8000lb winch. Actually, take a look at the post I just put up yesterday, shows both, and on the same truck you have!!!

Excellent, thanks!

your also going to want to plan on a leveling kit with that 200lbs of bumper and winch hanging off the front. That combo lowered my front suspension 11/2 inch below stock, looked weird. The next week I had my shop install a leveling kit and then waited until my tires were shot to install a Walker-Evans suspension and larger KM2's. Pics on my page.

I'll have a leveling kit and keep the suspension, wheels and tires in mind too. 

/// But I'm not sure I really need to tow it/// If you tow it behind for example a large RV just rent a trailer.




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