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Thinking about throwing on the TRD SC. Seem's like a pretty easy bolt on. (Compared to a mini cooper, where you practically have to take the engine out, you do have to pull the subframe and pull the front off)


Talked to a few folks, "they said" I need to beef up the transmission.. 

My FJ Is a 2008 4X4 Auto with 41k on the clock.

I'm wondering if anyone has added the supercharger, then had problems with their transmission or any problems with the drivetrain.

Another question.. I've heard that the TRD SC "Flash tune" leaves the engine running lean,

Anyone had that problem? 

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I Have seen a few cats with the SC and they have all stock components I really dont think it would have that kind of negative effect on the tranny only positive and more smiles not sure about the lean question but I am sure someone with the SC can chime in 

Thanks for the reply..+1

It occurred to me that, with the manual transmission, the clutch would "maybe" need to be upgraded to handle the extra torque..  I'm wondering if the automatic transmission adaptions would just kinda "learn" whats up.. I'm pretty sure Toyota wouldn't spend the money on a completely different automatic transmission, to deal with the TRD version horsepower.

Can someone correct me if i'm wrong? 

It's a bolt on upgrade. That means you take it out of the box, install it, and mash the pedal. You're not going to need to upgrade anything except your wallet. I can see the point the tuners are making about it running lean, however it's tuned with economy, and smog laws in mind not strictly horsepower. Toyota would not sell you an upgrade that's covered under warranty that would cause engine damage. At 41k i'm sure you still have plenty of warranty left? If so, and you feel the need for more punch go for it.




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